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Working with you to restore body, mind and balance in your life.


I’m Julianne O’Brien
Mentor and Radical Remission Certified Workshop Teacher

Have you, like me, had a cancer diagnosis or are living with a serious illness?
Are you looking for answers on how to live a longer and healthier life?
For things you can do yourself to help heal your body, feel stronger mentally, regain your enjoyment of life?

Cancer or any serious illness can have a profound impact on our lives - physically, psychologically and emotionally. It also affects those around us. It’s especially difficult if we’ve been told that there’s nothing more that conventional medicine can offer us. 

At Intuitive Living, we recognise how important it is to connect on a deep level with others who’ve been on a similar journey. Our focus is on healing, talking about the practical things we can do - life choices we can make - to transform the way we live our lives, for the better and for the long term. 


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As a thriver of Stage 3 breast cancer I’ve been there. When I received the diagnosis, my world - and my family’s - was turned upside down. The surgery and treatment were gruelling. I suffered debilitating fatigue. There were times when I felt very low and struggled to manage family and work demands. 

But I did get through and can honestly say that the approach to life that I’ve embraced has radically changed the way I live. While better late than never, I often wonder how different my life might have been had I learnt these strategies earlier! 

I wouldn’t be in this good place without support - we all need it - or without the knowledge I’ve acquired - knowing there’s a better way to live, not just for those with a serious illness, but for all of us. My mission now is to share what I’ve learnt with others. To inspire, motivate and support them.


A major key to my healing was embracing Dr Kelly Turner’s 9 Healing Factors that help support the immune system and have been identified as common in all cases of what she terms Radical Remission - unexplained and spontaneous recovery from cancer.  The Healing Factors were such a life-changer for me that I trained as a Radical Remission Workshop facilitator in the US and now offer courses in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Through my healing, I’ve learnt how strong the mind, body, spirit connection is. There is so much we can do to heal ourselves if we know how.
— Julianne O’Brien


For your body to heal, it requires nutritious food, preferably organic, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s surprisingly easy and affordable to grow your own organic vegetables even if you know nothing about gardening and have little outdoor space. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of gardening and the taste and goodness of your freshly harvested vegetables. Find out more about our Vegepod Organic Gardening Mini Workshops.


My research led me to realise how toxic our home environments have become. I learnt how we’re surrounded by and use products that can harm us such as cleaning and body care products, storage containers, appliances, cooking vessels - the list goes on. I offer one-on-one Detox Your Home consultations where I go through your house and pinpoint areas of concern and suggest ways to remedy them.  


When you have had a diagnosis of cancer or are living with a chronic condition, it can be of great benefit to work with someone who can mentor, support and lift you up as you undergo treatment, adjust to your changed circumstances and navigate your way through all the information out there. I offer one-on-one consultations to help you work through any issue you might have, anything you want to discuss.


Distance is not a barrier. While I’m based in Auckland, I am available for phone or video call consultations if you live further afield and we can’t meet in person. Under certain circumstances, I may be able to see you in your hometown. Contact me to discuss what would work best for you.



phone: 021 364 114